Worker Safety Conference for the Meat & Poultry Industry

Mon. January 29| 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Session B405; Lunch B406

Registration Fee: $349

With nearly half a million people working in the meat and poultry industry, worker safety is imperative to the success of every businesses. This conference will address the top safety challenges experienced on a daily basis and will provide advice and guidance from industry leaders on how to maintain and develop the necessary programs required for continuous improvement in worker safety. In addition, the conference will address regulatory and legal issues that safety professionals need to know and understand.   

Cost: $349 (covers both days)

Track: IPPE Fee Based Educational Programs

Handout(s): Agenda

Educational Partner


Burdick, Gerald Owner, InfraTech, Inc. | Role:
Charlie Cartwright, Dr.
Charlie Cartwright, Dr. CEO, People Success Labs | Role:
Dean, Thomas CSP, Georgia Tech Research Institute | Role:
Dowd, Peter Founder and Principal Consultant, Anago Limited | Role:
Inouye, Joy
Inouye, Joy Research Associate, Campbell Institute | Role:
Lowe, Rob
Lowe, Rob Corporate Safety Director, PSSI | Role:
Mittenthal, Eric Vice President of Public Affairs, North American Meat Institute | Role:
Phillips, John
Phillips, John Safety & Compliance Division Manager, Summit Refrigeration Group | Role:
Rowden, Londell Ergonomic Coordinator, Cargill Protein | Role: