Preventing and Responding to Foreign Material Contamination Incidents

Mon. January 29| 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM | B403

Registration Fee: $150

Foreign material contamination incidents – both real and alleged – can cost the meat and poultry industry millions of dollars each year. These incidents can affect plant operations, quality assurance, food safety, maintenance and sanitation, and consumer affairs and public relations. This workshop will address best practices for preventing foreign material contamination and corrective actions after an event. The workshop will also examine the latest forensic laboratory technologies available to aid an investigation conducted to confirm and identify whether a product is contaminated. Participants will discuss real case studies examining ways to communicate with customers and consumers during real and alleged contamination incidents. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your efforts and knowledge regarding this important topic in meat and poultry processing.

Cost: $150

Track: IPPE Fee Based Educational Programs

Handout(s): Description and Agenda

Educational Partner


Barb Masters, Dr.
Barb Masters, Dr. Global Vice-President for Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Keystone Foods | Role:
Bishir, Kirsten
Bishir, Kirsten Consumer Relations Coordinator, Johnsonville Sausage | Role:
Germani, Mark
Germani, Mark Laboratory Director, MicroMaterials Research, Inc. | Role:
Johnson, Jeremiah
Johnson, Jeremiah Corporate Manager of Regulatory Compliance and Food Safety, Hormel Foods | Role:
Riley, Janet
Riley, Janet Senior Vice President Public Affairs, North American Meat Institute | Role:
Waldbusser, Kendra
Waldbusser, Kendra Head of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Pilgrim's | Role: