Meat Quality Workshop: The Taste of Beef

Wed. January 31| 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM | B401

Registration Fee: $150

How well do you know the factors affecting beef flavor? Consumers rank flavor as one of the top attributes for a satisfactory eating experience, and the beef industry has invested heavily in finding the common denominators for what makes beef taste so good. This interactive workshop will take a look at these influences, as well as provide a hands on learning experience through sensory panel training and taste testing. Come learn about how beef flavor can be influenced by selection, processing and preparation techniques, and how factors such as cattle feeding, muscle selection, aging techniques, and grade ultimately determine the flavor of the product you sell.

Cost: $150

Track: IPPE Fee Based Educational Programs

Handout(s): Description and Agenda

Educational Partner


Chance Brooks, Dr.
Chance Brooks, Dr. Associate Chair & Professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, Texas Tech University | Role:
Dale Woerner, Dr.
Dale Woerner, Dr. Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University | Role:
Jerrad Legako, Dr.
Jerrad Legako, Dr. Assistant Professor in the Animal and Food Sciences Department, Texas Tech University | Role: