DeLong's Gizzard Equipment

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Hall C - C1230

PO Box 2139
Gray, GA 31032
United States of America

P: 478.743.9134
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About DeLong's Gizzard Equipment

DeLong's Gizzard Equipment has provided solutions to the poultry processing industry for over 44 years. We are family owned and 4th generation operated manufacturing company that helps plants maximize their processing efficiency. Our specialty is skinning yield and we supply the parts, service, equipment and the expertise to increase plant profitability through dramatic increases in product yield. We focus on peeling rollers for Breast, Thigh, Necks and Gizzard Skinning Equipment. Our stock of OEM rollers we supply are Prime Equipment, Globe Machine, Marel/Stork, Cantrell and Meyn. Call us today for a quote on rollers as we are competitive to all OEM.  We can help save you money!!

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