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North America Regional Hqtrs
100 Park Ave
Florham Park, NJ 07932
United States of America

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About BASF Corporation

About BASF

BASF is a leading global supplier of feed additives including enzymes (Natuphos® E phytase, Natugrain® TS NSP-degrading enzymes), vitamins (Lutavit®), carotenoids (Lucantin®), organic acids (Luprosil®, Amasil®), omega-6s (Lutalin®), glycinates, anti-caking agents (Novasil™ Plus AC) and more. BASF's feed additives can be used for ruminants, poultry, pigs, aquaculture as well as pets. A large variety of product formulations, concentrations and mixtures is available to meet the needs of livestock producers and to achieve optimum animal performance. BASF’s products meet highest safety standards and regulatory requirements worldwide.

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