WTI Inc.

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281 MLK Ave
Jefferson, GA 30549
United States of America

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About WTI Inc.

For over 35 years WTI has lead and continues to be the most trusted and innovative ingredient supplier in the business. Come and see WTI to learn more about how we can help you increase shelf life and improve food safety with our natural product line. We also offer natural alternatives to phosphates that will enhance product flavor, improve product quality, and increase yields. If you are looking for low sodium or sodium-free options, we have several options for you. WTI offers low cost alternatives if you are looking to reduce cost. We offer many options for different applications; liquid, dry, low sodium, sodium-free, all natural, conventional and organic.

Product Categories (4)
  • Food Ingredients > Antimicrobial — Ingredients, Flavorings & Seasonings
  • Food Ingredients > Binders & Extenders
  • Food Ingredients > Firming Agents
  • Food Ingredients > Food Acids