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Hall C - C2276

PO Box 26011
Regina, SK S4R 8R7

P: 306.543.4777
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About O&T Farms

O&T Farms Ltd. manufactures several highly digestible, palatable Omega-3 animal feed components by blending flaxseed, canola and pulses in their patented dry-extrusion process. Their branding of “naturally better” has become synonymous with health, nutrition and quality, and represents a promise to their customers. Starting in late 2017 their LinPRO branded products can also have Organic certification to complement their previous non-GMO accreditation. Building on the dry-extrusion process, several proprietary specialty feeds have been developed with LinPRO™, being the most notable in North America, for its all-natural land-based Omega-3 delivery. LinPRO™ was developed for layers, and has become the leading specialty feed for the production of Omega-3 Eggs in North America. Building on this success, LinPRO-R™ was further developed for dairy/beef applications and provides a ruminant-protected supplemental Omega-3 fat source. The rich Omega-3 fats support a positive immunity profile and enhance health benefits like fertility/conception.
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