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About ChemDAQ Inc.

ChemDAQ offers industry leading gas detection systems for biocidal chemicals Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethylene Oxide. Our comprehensive solutions include Steri-Trac®  Continuous Gas Monitoring and SafeCide™ Area Sample or Portable Gas Monitoring systems.

The chemical intervention process is an essential part of ensuring that a safe product is delivered to the public. The use of chemicals such as peracetic acid, however, is not without its hazards. There are two primary problem areas. The first is at storage or dosing stations where airborne vapor concentrations can go from near zero PPM to very high in the case of a leak.

The second area of risk is on the processing line, including spray bars or cabinets, dip tanks and chillers.  Variables such as dilution levels, airflow changes, or failure of fans can result in fluctuations of chemical vapor exposure. Employees are at risk of being exposed to smaller concentrations of exposure over longer periods of time in an environment not conducive to monitoring. 

As an industry under scrutiny from OSHA, it is imperative that you remain current with the latest safety technology available to protect your employees. ChemDAQ’s Gas Monitoring Systems allow you to maintain the highest safety standards in the industry, protecting your workers and competitive industry edge. For more information, visit or email us at


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